Where to Enjoy a Delicious Dinner in Paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities all over the world, and also a very romantic destination for couples. If you want to travel to this place then in order to try the best versions of the French traditional foods then you need to go to the best restaurants in Paris. Even if a dinner here will cost you probably quite a lot of money, the entire culinary experience will surely be an unforgettable one and it will worth every penny. For anyone who is interested in this, here is where you can enjoy a delicious meal in the amazing Paris.

Aspic Restaurant

If you book a table here, you will have the chance to enjoy a meal prepared by the famous chef Quentin Giroud. The restaurant is cozy and due to the fact that there are just a few tables you will need to book yours in advance. All the dishes are made of hand-picked seasonal fresh products from only local sources. What actually makes this location so special is that it serves a fixed 7-course menu. Due to the fact that all the ingredients are fresh and perfectly prepared, the taste is absolutely amazing. Aspic is hugely convivial, and it lets visitors observe from the comfort of their own chair as the cooks actually whip up a treat.

Restaurant Guy Savoy

In case you are wondering where you can enjoy a delicious dinner in Paris, then you must definitely go to this place. Guy Savoy has recently been hailed as the ”best in the entire world”, for the 2nd year running. The chef from here is the one who trained Gordon Ramsay. Restaurant Guy Savoy is located on the Left Bank of the River Seine and it is the perfect location for couples who want to enjoy a quiet and relaxing dinner. The specialty here is ”Huitres En Nage Glacee”, which is basically oysters. Guy Savoy has been chosen as the best restaurant in world due to the fact that the dishes are extremely tasty and the presentation absolutely fantastic. Therefore, make sure you don’t miss this restaurant on your visit to Paris.

Le Potager du Pere Thierry

If you want to eat something light yet extremely tasty in the beautiful city of Paris, then you must go to this place. Not only the food is very delicious but very healthy and light as well. Even if you visit Paris alone you can still have a great time if you hire an escort. In this metropolitan city, it is very easy to find an escort agency and pay a girl to keep you company in different locations, including a restaurant. Don’t hesitate and make the most of your time spent in the lovely Paris by hiring a charming escort : https://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-paris-191/ .

Le Dali Restaurant

We also want to mention this restaurant in our article, as it has plenty of excellent customer reviews. The location was actually named in the honor of Salvador Dali, and it can be found inside the Le Maurice hotel, one of the most elegant hotels in the entire world. The menu includes several excellent dishes, and some of them are specially prepared for vegetarians. All in all, we strongly recommend Le Dali to anyone who wants to eat something truly amazing.

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